464 Dewey Blvd., San Francisco

464 Dewey Blvd., San Francisco

Site Conditions

    • County records measured the home as 3-bedroom, 1-bath
    • Pest report revealed almost $70,000 in dry rot behind the stucco, a faulty shower pan and unsafe rear decks 
    • Estate had very limited funds, but fiduciary located money for repairs
    • Home next door listed for $1.395M with no offers, trustees to the sale were furious Craig wanted to list at $1.199M

    Results of Our Work

      • Confidently marketed the home as a 3 bed, 2.5 bath
      • Property stood out as a fierce competitor in the neighborhood, quickly received multiple offers and went into contract
      • Trustees were very happy and relieved

      The Numbers

        • Listed: $1.199M
        • Sold: $1.625M
        • Offers: 9
        • Days on market: 14

        When There’s a Collection of Obstacles

        Craig’s favorite aspect of this project was how confident the sellers were that they knew more than he did. It seems that they’d watched many seasons of home renovation shows on TV.

        The property was unoccupied for several years while the trustees fought between themselves over personal property left in the home.

        Craig took the listing with one condition—they were not to return to the home once the resurfacing work orders were signed. The professional fiduciary hired by the estate supported that request.

        When the trustees learned we put the home into contract for $1.625 million, their anxiety melted away.

        Exterior (before) Difficult to assess because side walkways were nearly impassable and rear yard was overgrown beyond recognition. Pruning and debris removal was needed to find the rear fence.

        Exterior (after) Without painting, we dramatically improved curb appeal and revived the architecture of this marina style 5-barrel window home. Landscaping, edging and painting the walkway made maximum difference at minimal cost and time.

        Living room (before) Torn-off sections of interior wall  revealed old leaks. Hardwood floors were in ruins. Pest inspection confirmed our fears, extensive dry rot behind exterior stucco would have to be disclosed. Critical to apply our limited budget to balance deficiencies with desirable upgrades. 

        Living room (after) Designer offset warm orange floors with cool colors. Two-tone paint scheme was contemporary and highlighted home’s original design intent. Staging complemented paint colors and drew eyes to fireplace focal point.

        Kitchen (before) Appliances weren’t working and we had no budget for replacing. Some cabinet doors were missing. Sink hardware was missing. Two wallpaper patterns competed, neither matched tiled counter tops.

        Kitchen (after) Credit our designer for this bold, deep blue, inspired by a hue in the countertop. She finished cabinets with new brushed nickel handles. Open kitchen was visible from dining area, rear deck and more, so this refresh had major impact.

        Bedroom #1 (before) Massive amounts of wallpaper—in the bedroom, as well as the kitchen, halls and beyond. No good could come of it.

        Bedroom #1 (after) Once wallpaper and window coverings were removed, we found a lovely room. Carried same pleasant color theme into hallway and other bedrooms for consistent, breezy feel which buyers fell for.

        Bedroom #2 (before) Dull and drab, this room had been used as a library or sitting area. Required more than a clean-up to shine like rest of the house.

        Bedroom #2 (after) Converted this room back to its original use as a bedroom. A third bedroom was essential to attracting higher-paying buyers.

        Back yard (before) Choked with foliage, this space was completely unusable. We didn’t know what we’d find after plants were cut back.

        Back yard (after) Concerned an expensive liability like a falling retaining wall was under the foliage. Delighted to find retaining walls were sound and space was wonderful. Replaced deck planks and supports, painted and projected a lovely lifestyle.

        Lower level (before) Rooms were packed with belongings trustees had argued about for years.

        Lower level (after) After weeks, nearly all the items were donated or disposed of. Neither trustee actually wanted the contents.

        464 Dewey Blvd., Resurfacing Plan

        Exterior Landscaping$5,300Remove several overgrown trees from front, back and sides of home. Weed, edge and apply ground cover. Restore rear decks by replacing rotten wood members.
        Interior Painting$5,000Bleach exterior rear and side surfaces. Caulk, prime and paint where stucco is cracked. Clean, prime and paint decks to a finished grade.
        Interior Painting & Lighting$17,700Repair rot and damaged wall surfaces, patch and sand. Remove wallpaper. Paint entire interior, including kitchen cabinets. Designer color choice. Upgrade lighting throughout the home.
        Bathroom Repairs$3,400Replace missing tiles and grout in both bathrooms. Apply epoxy coating to tile in one bathroom. All three bathrooms resurfaced to an acceptable appearance for marketing the home.
        Professional Cleaning, Power Washing$1,300Clean all appliances, surfaces, bathroom, filters and lights. Wash windows inside and out. Power wash exterior brick staircase, mildew areas.
        Total$32,700Work completed in 15 business days. Advance planning of 3 weeks to line up work, secure dates.

        Lovely, open space in this polished 1920s home. No wonder it sold for $426,000 over asking.

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