About Us

Who are our clients? Most often, busy professionals who like to rely on expert advice and technology to reach their goals.

Begun in San Francisco in 2003 as Ackerman Realty Group, the company became Proof Real Estate in 2021. We’re still known for our independence, entrepreneurial spirit and consistency in delivering outstanding results.

A few advantages of Proof:
• home prep/resurfacing expertise on 600+ property sales
• extensive team of vendors who prioritize us to get the job done
• specialists in complex transactions such as estates and investment properties
• our action-oriented pace, focused on quickly delivering results

“We bring clients the capabilities of a big-name brokerage, but without the corporate red tape,” says Craig Ackerman. “As we continue to grow, I’ll make sure we still provide warm, personal service and creative problem solving.”


Why We're Called Proof

There’s a lot of talk in real estate. Trust us … we’re the best! The biggest! The most experienced!

But we owe our clients more than just words. That’s why we provide proof—solid evidence to use for decision making: 

  • Detailed case studies with budgets, challenges and before and after photos 
  • Video overviews that show how our listed properties shine 
  • Hundreds of five-star client testimonials on our site, Google, Zillow and Yelp 
  • Our proven program for faster, higher sales 

And the plus sign after our name? A little reminder to expect a lot from us. We take more off sellers’ to-do list, provide more resources and block more obstacles.   

Let’s Talk

By phone, Zoom, or in person. We’ll get your questions answered.