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How to Be a Productive Buyer

Need us to squire you around and point to the kitchen? No! But what about help avoiding homes with costly problems?

Ask about our general contracting background—we’ll separate the minor issues from dealbreakers. And you’ll be ready to act decisively when you spot a gem.

We’re 600+ transactions strong, so expect proven insights and shortcuts to success.


Go from Scattered to Productive

You’ll see good search results when you:

  • focus on a limited area or neighborhood
  • put in some time kicking the tires, visiting homes
  • have a realistic grasp on your lifestyle and financial goals

If you need help pinpointing your target area and objectives, we’ll walk you through the obvious as well as the hidden variables that will shape your search.


Not Quite Ready?

Even if you’re a way off from a buying decision, now’s a good time to prepare in case a great opportunity comes up. 

You can act with conviction and present a competitive offer when you: 

  • Prepare to move quickly – ask us about the extra step to get your loan fully underwritten and move your offer to the top of the pile
  • Arm yourself with knowledge of actual sale prices – don’t be fooled by the asking price, we’ll show you how market forces always prevail
  • Understand a home’s disclosed deficiencies – we’ll translate the inspection reports into future costs and impacts for you

Important Contacts and Resources

An agent’s experience and reputation matters. At Proof, your agent has earned leverage in the industry and can help streamline your purchase through a deep roster of trusted contacts:

  • Inspectors
  • Landlord-tenant attorneys
  • Architects specializing in Victorian renovations
  • Vendors who build ADUs
  • City and county officials

Strategizing to Acquire and Own

Yes, we’ll guide you in making a wise purchase. But let’s not overlook a budget for areas that might require repair or replacement. In what order should these items be addressed? Do you have quotes from licensed experts so you can feel confident forecasting your maintenance plan? We can help.


The Buyer’s Jumpstart

Two simple steps will give you a pronounced advantage over other buyers.

  • Schedule a time to walk through a couple of homes with us. You’ll learn to see properties through a contractor’ eyes. 
  • Request a report on your target neighborhood. Learn the actual price per square foot of recent homes in your range and find out what you should expect to pay.

5 Simple Steps For Buying Your Bay Area Home


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