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300 Twin Peaks Blvd. - San Francisco

Gold Beneath the Surface: When a home is worth the effort, renovation is a labor of love. Even we were blown away by the value added to this inherited four-bedroom in … Read more

24 Westpark Dr. - Daly City

Modernizing a Rat Pack Hangout: Nostalgia is powerful, especially when you’re talking about a home frequented by Frank Sinatra! But we had to bring this unique home in… Read more

59 Weston - Daly City

Keep It Clean and Simple: Sellers often assume costly renovations are needed when a much simpler solution is best. We got $519K over asking with a simply clean look fo… Read more

2900 Pierce St., Apts. 5&6 - San Francisco

Hard Sell, Soft Landing: Tenants-in-common (TIC) properties, in which separate units share space, are tough to sell—especially when tenant-occupied, walls cut open, an… Read more

635 Prague - San Francisco

From Toil to Triumph: When they inherited responsibility for this house in the Crocker Amazon neighborhood of San Francisco, it meant a time-consuming burden for two y… Read more

58 Martha Ave., San Francisco

The Sputtering Real Estate Market: We targeted buyers who would be willing to compete for the home-expanding families. They'd love the neighborhood and the home's many… Read more

388 Madison St., San Francisco

The Thanksgiving Offering: Around Thanksgiving, Craig met two sisters who had inherited their 1950s-era family home. The 5-bedroom, 2-bath house, adjacent to McLaren P… Read more

1441 Nye St., San Rafael

No Need to Wait for Spring: The sellers had two adorable, very active small children. So no surprise, the home looked lived-in damaged hardwood floors, loud child-them… Read more

68 Broadmoor, San Anselmo

Out-of-State Sellers Face Damaged Rental Property: The owners, an out-of-state elderly couple, planned to sell this rented property in a 1031 exchange. But the tenants… Read more

2431 24th St., San Francisco

The Realtor to Friend Crossover: In 2011, Craig represented these clients when they bought the duplex, in poor condition with a difficult layout. But add imagination a… Read more

775 Congo St., San Francisco

Upgraded Property for Half of Budget Other Agents Advised: To sell this four-floor Glen Park home, we targeted families with children, work-from-home couples and dog l… Read more

246 Alta Loma, Daly City

Out-Of-State Sellers Take The Harder Route: This Daly City family home had been converted to a rental and went untouched for years. The owners, living in the Midwest, … Read more

556 Stone Dr., Novato

A Neighborhood Record Sale Price: The out-of-the-area owners had rented out this home for many years. They were surprised at how tattered the property was once the ten… Read more

2979 23rd St., San Francisco

Time to Sell and Buy Outside the City: Craig had sold this lower-level condo in the Mission District to the same couple almost 10 years ago. Now they wanted to move ou… Read more

2354 Hyde St., San Francisco

Distrust and a Listing Price Battle: The family trust for this Russian Hill top-floor condo was ready to sell. The unit, and the whole building for that matter, hadn’t… Read more

88 Norton St., San Francisco

Hitting a Price Target So the Family Could Relocate: The sellers told Craig flat out they had to hit a specific sale price. It was a must, so they could relocate to So… Read more

1358 31st Ave., San Francisco

Warring Trustees, Abandoned Home, Hoarded Contents: A drawn-out dispute between owners left the home abandoned, decayed and packed with three container-loads of papers… Read more

417 Noriega St., San Francisco

Save the Resurfacing Budget or Invest It? Bay Area-based sisters inherited the family home but didn’t have time to handle the home prepping and sale, so they turned to… Read more

535 Niagara St., San Francisco

Home Flippers, Go for Three Bedrooms Minimum: This two-bedroom home in San Francisco’s Ingleside had been abandoned for eight years, inherited by an East Coast owner. … Read more

2257 Fulton St., San Francisco

Busy Professional Couple Says, “Help!” This husband-and-wife team had their hands full with a toddler, an already-purchased Oakland home and a baby on the way. They ne… Read more

3226 Millsview Ave., Oakland

Excruciating Permit Delay Frustrates Developer: The developer bought this 3-bedroom, 1-bath home in Maxwell Park, Oakland, as a distressed sale, intending to tear out … Read more

32247 Coronation Dr., Union City

T’was the Night Before Christmas Eve: Other agents say to sell during the “magical time” of spring or summer. And we say humbug. Profits are not seasonal. They’re base… Read more

23 Watt Ave., San Rafael

Making the Most of a Small Resurfacing Budget: The family needed to sell the property, which was rented by relatives and their two small children during Covid. The bud… Read more

70 Corte Precita, Greenbrae

Tenant, Foundation & Soil Instability Woes: Located on a pleasant cul-de-sac with stunning views of Mt. Tamalpais, a great school district and young families, so we ta… Read more

2330 Oak Knoll Dr., Belle Monte, Novato

Busting Through the $2M Barrier: After her husband’s passing, the seller was in a hurry to downsize and move to a retirement community that supported her lifestyle, ho… Read more

80 Corte Precita, Greenbrae

Sometimes You Have to See for Yourself: The sellers had known Craig for years. Even so, they were uncomfortable hiring and trusting the professionals he recommended, a… Read more

512 Brussels, San Francisco

Compassionate Process for Reducing Pre-Sale Stress: After 10 years of ownership, it was hard to leave! But post-Covid the couple could still work from home, so they de… Read more

1760 Santa Lucia, San Bruno

Save $36,000 or Make a Couple Hundred Thousand More? These sellers, a retired couple, wanted to convert their 3-bedroom, 2-bath family-home-turned-rental into profits.… Read more

115 Bella Vista Way, San Francisco

Sellers Left the Details to Us: Craig’s favorite element of this project? The sellers moved out of state and trusted most details to his team, including generating a b… Read more

760 Dolores St., San Francisco

Small Resurfacing Budget, Big Difference: This large rental home, 3,210 square feet, was badly thrashed. But we created a very strategic resurfacing plan, allowing the… Read more

453 Colon Ave., San Francisco

“You Can’t List This Home at $1.2 Million!” The resident had moved in with her son to recover from a fall and left us to prep and market the home. The family agreed to… Read more

744 Coronado Ln., Foster City

Glistening Water View Promised a Special Lifestyle: Craig had sold several Foster City properties, but this treasure was right on the water. An attorney Craig had work… Read more

920 Powell St., San Francisco

In It for the Long Haul: Nearly 18 months from when we were introduced, longtime litigation was resolved and the home sold. To secure a great return for the estate, we… Read more

19 Turquoise Way, San Francisco

A Big-Budget Undertaking: Craig had a listing in the neighborhood many years ago and it caught this seller’s attention. Meticulous, articulate and very assured, he wan… Read more

464 Dewey Blvd., San Francisco

When There’s a Collection of Obstacles: Craig’s favorite aspect of this project was how confident the sellers were that they knew more than he did. It seems that they’… Read more

203 Tiburon Blvd., San Rafael

After Resurfacing, a 17% Higher Listing Price: This home looked so good after the resurfacing projects, Craig advocated for the rare step of boosting the listing price… Read more

421 Clarence St., Point Richmond

Helping the Developer Get His Money’s Worth: Craig’s developer client had paid a pretty penny for this home, based on its incredible views of the bay and multiple brid… Read more

7626 Holly St., Oakland

A Toolkit for Developer Decision Making: Craig offers home flippers, developers and renovators what’s essentially a toolkit for decision making. His goal is to help th… Read more

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