2979 23rd St., San Francisco

2979 23rd St., San Francisco

Site Conditions

    • Condo interior and building exterior needed repair and resurfacing
    • Needed HOA approval for exterior repairs
    • Timing was important as unit owners shopped for a new home outside the city

    Results of Our Work​​​​​​​

    • 12 days on market, received 5 offers
    • Listed for $999,000, sold for $1.2M, or $201,000 over asking
    • $32,000 invested produced additional $95,000 (300% return during peak of Covid)

    Time to Sell and Buy Outside the City

    Craig had sold this lower-level condo in the Mission District to the same couple almost 10 years ago. Now they wanted to move out of the city with their son.

    They were concerned about logistics:

    • How can we predict when and for how much our home will sell?
    • Can we look for our next property with so many unknowns?
    • How to coordinate closings on two transactions?
    • Should we move to a temporary rental during the sale?

    Craig has led dozens of families through a trade-up with step-by-step decision making. First, he presented a $32,000 resurfacing plan to produce a higher price and quicker sale. The crews’ work would be disruptive, and the family agreed to vacate the home.

    The HOA’s other unit owners needed to consent to roof and exterior repairs. After meeting our contractors, the wonderful neighbors okayed the project and splitting the cost.

    Two weeks into our client’s 30-day Airbnb stay, their home was prepped and on the market. The couple said, “We’re so proud of how the condo turned out.” Ten days later, we were in contract with no contingencies, and the family launched their new home search.

    Eat-In Kitchen (before) With no dining room, the kitchen would do double duty and the buyer would spend a lot of time here. The room had to make a statement.

    Eat-In Kitchen (after) We built an additional cabinet and framed in the fridge for more of a finished, upscale appearance.  

    Kitchen (before) The kitchen needed more than updating. Craig knew the vision had to be clean, modern and young.

    Kitchen (after) Transformed by new stainless appliances, geometric cabinet pulls, new flooring and modern green paint.

    Deck (before) The roof and this decaying roof deck had to be rebuilt.. 

    Deck (after) With the deck completely updated, buyers could take in the 360-degree views—well worth the long and narrow stairs.

    Garage/Workshop (before) The garage was mechanic’s HQ for the sellers’ dwarf-scale race car.

    Garage/Workshop (after) This pristine space was more appealing to buyers. No way we could have achieved this if the sellers remained in the home.

    Main Bath (before) The bathroom had the look of ‘90s when it had last been updated. 

    Main Bath (after) The updated bathroom was low cost but had great impact.

    Living Room (before) This room looked flat and left a lot to be desired.

    Living Room (after) The stager did a brilliant job with an enticing color palette. It read as vibrant, comfortable and hip to attract our target buyer demographic.

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