453 Colon Ave., San Francisco

453 Colon Ave., San Francisco

Site Conditions

  • Weathered exterior
  • Dark, dated interior
  • Finish colors and materials old and dreary 

​​​​​​​Results of Our Work

    • ROI of 350% on resurfacing budget
    • Vast improvement of curb appeal via simple landscaping and strategic painting
    • Transformed 4-bedroom/2-bath 1920s home to a fresh, charming and sought-after property

    The Numbers

      • Listed: $1.199M
      • Sold: $1.879M
      • Offers: 12
      • Days on market: 12

      ​​​​​​​“You Can’t List This Home at $1.2 Million!”

      The resident had moved in with her son to recover from a fall and left us to prep and market the home. The family agreed to list it at $1.2 million and expected to sell for about $1.5. We were delighted by 12 offers, with a winning bid of $1.879 million, which secured the elder’s future standard of living.

      Later, Craig was at the house picking up his signs when a neighbor approached. He said, “You can’t list this home at $1.2 million! I live next door and I know it should sell for at least $1.4 million.” 

      When Craig invited him in to see the home, the neighbor said, “Wow, the place looks great!” Told it was in contract for more than $1.8 million, he asked Craig to stop by his house. If he could get anywhere near that price for his property, he was interested in selling.

      Exterior (before) Faded, dreary and unattractive. While lines of the home (windows, roofline and arches) were appealing, it looked neglected. 

      Exterior (after) We contrast-painted charming details—window sashes, emblems in the arches and front door—for sophistication and elegance. Rather than grass, we opted for ground cover.

      Dining Room (before) While the structural members in the dining room had been stripped to the wood, the room still lacked pizzazz. Chandelier and light bulb shape added to dated appearance.

      Dining Room (after) Replaced the light fixture with a clean-lined, modern alternative. After painting-out baseboards, walls and crown moldings, the contrasting paneling sizzled. Parquet flooring needed no refinishing. 

      Kitchen (before) The dark grout lines and orangish tile looked old and unclean. Note how the 1970s warm hues dominated the kitchen and floor— brown, red, dark orange, tan, taupe.

      Kitchen (after) Upgraded to a cooler, crisper color family (green-gray, silver and white). Added a brushed nickel single-stem faucet with a classic marble-like quartz counter. Installed contemporary surface-mounted bright LED light to compensate for lack of recessed can lights.

      Bedroom 1 (before) Everything about the bedroom was dull and dated. The silhouettes, from the light fixture to the furniture, was a challenge.

      Bedroom 1 (after) The designer selected two-tone paint, and the dark trim really made a statement. No floor refinishing needed and we opted not to address fogged window panes since appealing elements carried the room. 

      Bedroom 2 (before) Another dark room featuring three or four shades of orange.

      Bedroom 2 (after) Newly bright, fresh and relaxing

      Master Bedroom (before) The downstairs room with en suite bath suffered from warm hues and dated light fixtures.   

      Master Bedroom (after) Cleaned and oiled, the wooden walls and floors glowed. Modern light fixtures and brighter lights brought the room into the 21st century.  

      Breakfast Room (before) Ornate wallpaper did nothing to perk up this sweet nook. 

      Breakfast Room (after) A continuation of our design principles—bright, simplified and spacious.

      Bathroom (before) A tired-looking bathroom, including a pedestal sink like my grandparents had.

      Bathroom (after) New sink with storage cabinet, mirror for reflected light, resurfaced tile. Not perfect, but this bathroom is a lot cleaner, fresher and more attractive. 

      453 Colon Ave., Resurfacing Plan

      Exterior Landscaping$15,000Prep, sand, wash, spot prime and final paint coat. Designer-chosen colors.
      Interior Painting$15,800Patch and sand, paint walls and kitchen cabinets. Designer-chosen colors.
      Light Fixtures$3,700Replace lighting throughout home. Designer chosen materials.
      Kitchen$6,250Install new countertop, sink and single-stem brushed nickel faucet, designer chosen.
      Landscaping$1,500Upgrade yard, trim, edge, weed, add ground cover.
      Bathroom #1 Resurfacing$4,500Install new base cabinet, recaulk, new paint, lighting and hardware. Resurface tile.
      Bathroom #2 Resurfacing$7,050Resurface bathroom, paint, caulk, clean, upgrade.
      Electrical Trim$1,550Replace trim, upgrade to white color throughout the home.
      Professional Cleaning, Power Washing$1,545Power wash exterior surfaces, clean interior, wash windows.
      Total$56,895All work completed in 15 business days. Three weeks of advance planning to line up vendors, secure dates.

      *Professional staging – one day to move in and arrange furniture and accessories ~ $6,650

      We retained the upper wooden trim to draw visitors’ eyes to the unique ceiling shape.
      Plenty of light and gleaming white made a frayed home look new. 

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