744 Coronado Ln., Foster City

744 Coronado Ln., Foster City

Site Conditions

    • Surfaces were tired, old and unappealing
    • Buyers would perceive property as needing to be gutted
    • Kitchen closed off from dining room
    • Unattractive and overgrown rear patio with a dominating wooden structure
    • Taxes and HOA dues 2 years in arrears, mortgage overdue by several months, foreclosure looming

    Results of Our Work

        • Sourced financing to bring debts to current and make improvements possible
        • Made views of the waterway the visual focus
        • Installed new cool-hued floor covering, to draw eyes to dramatic ceiling contours and outside to water views
        • Restored rear yard for relaxing, family gathering and entertaining
        • Opened kitchen to dining area and view

        The Numbers

          • ​​​​Listed: $1.599M
          • Sold: $2.1M
          • Offers: POA (preemptive offer accepted) after 9 showing requests first day on market, buyer offered $2 million contingent-free, negotiated to $2.1M and seller accepted
          • Days on market: 1​​​​​​​

          Glistening Water View Promised a Special Lifestyle

            Craig had sold several Foster City properties, but this treasure was right on the water. An attorney Craig had worked with introduced the client.

            The home had old and mismatched flooring, hardware, lighting and trim. And an overgrown and dreary back yard. Our designer-contractor team kept it simple and let the glistening water view serve as the focal point and promise of a special lifestyle.

            We found additional challenges—the finances. Homeowner’s dues had gone unpaid for several years, several utility bills were delinquent, and foreclosure was looming. Craig intervened with the bank.

            Entry (before) Dramatic ceiling height, marred by old bronze-finish fixture. Unfortunate orange entry doors and carpet, small floor tile with dark grout, outdated stair railings. Craig, our contractor and designer devised a plan.

            Entry/Living Room (after) Two-tone paint theme highlighted lofty ceiling, unique slope and shape. New flooring ran home’s width, complementary silver-gray carpeting on stairs. Painted wood and iron railings match door and baseboards. Hardware and fixtures changed to brushed nickel.

            Living/Dining Area (before) Where is the light and the water view? Room faced overgrowth, and our biggest challenge, a weathered pergola that blocked sightlines. And would buyers object to the popcorn ceiling?

            Living/Dining Area (after) Continued modern flooring and paint theme here. Removed window coverings for more sun. Our landscaper and carpenter removed enormous wooden patio structure to reveal waterway view as soon as buyer entered the front door.   

            Living Room/Fireplace (before) Varying drape heights gave buyers the sense that the windows were not uniform. And the fireplace surround was a throwaway, dark and unkempt when it could have been a focal point.

            Living Room/Fireplace (after) Freshness and design consistency helped buyers imagine a cohesive family home. Revived fireplace with paint, no expensive tile needed. Removed hanging kitchen cabinets to create space, light and open the room for entertaining.

            Kitchen (before) The eat-in area off the kitchen was dismal and dated, with an unfortunate light fixture. The hanging cabinets obstruct light and isolate whoever’s cooking.

            Kitchen (after) A more functional arrangement without the hanging cabinets. Also updated flooring, light fixture and furniture for buyers who value entertainment ease and open spaces.

            Kitchen/Dining (before) Dark and closed off, the dining area faced hanging cabinets and old-fashioned floor to ceiling drapes. 

            Kitchen/Dining (after) The new configuration—more open, light and clean. New appliances give the perception of updatedness. Buyers could imagine interacting easily with family and friends across the room.

            Bathroom (before) Dated wallpaper, handicapped bars and blackening mirror edges. Luckily, our team knows how to update bathrooms affordably and effectively.

            Bathroom (after) New flooring, wallpaper removal, paint and seamless mirrors brought this room a long way. We’re always balancing perception of the space with resurfacing costs.

            Yard (before) The large pergola blocked sunlight, obstructed the view and had deteriorated beyond its useful life, and most tragically, broke up the space.

            Yard (after) With some landscaping, power washing and touch-up painting, buyers could envision enjoying this outdoor space as a haven for entertaining, boat watching and BBQs.

            744 Coronado Ln., Resurfacing Plan

            Interior Painting$12,400Includes patching and sanding, front entry railings, replacing some doors and window trim. Replace several closet doors with mirrored, frameless glass style. Designer chose colors and materials.
            Flooring Replacement$9,800Remove existing floor coverings (including carpet, tack strips, padding, hard tile and vinyl tile. Replace with engineered wood hard surface flooring throughout both lower and upper levels.
            New Interior Lights$2,500Replace existing light fixtures with LED where possible, in a brushed nickel finish throughout the home. Material selections made by designer.
            Resurface 3 Bathrooms6,800Resurface base cabinets, add new light fixtures, paint interiors. Replace shower doors, faucets and hardware throughout. Replace toilets and seats with new. Install wall-mounted mirrors and LED brushed nickel light fixture (mounted over glass). Paint. All materials designer selected.
            Kitchen Resurfacing$7,900New brushed nickel handles, resurfacing of existing countertop, undermount sink, single stem brushed nickel faucet, low profile stainless steel range hood, replace kitchen cabinet doors and paint in cool gray.
            Exterior Landscaping $1,400Remove wooden overhang in rear yard, patch and paint to a commercial match where required at fascia and trim. Dump furniture and debris. Edge and weed planter areas. Install ground cover and new plants. Trim tree and hedge branches.
            Professional Cleaning, Power Washing $1,800Power wash exterior surfaces around entry, walkways, rear patio surfaces and storage areas. Clean interior – all appliances, surfaces, bathroom, filter, and lights. Wash windows inside and out.
            Total$41,900All work completed in 9 business days. Advance planning of 1.5 weeks to line up all work, secure dates.

            *Staging required one day and cost $9,050 

            Spectacular waterway view, exactly why the home was built.  We prepped property so buyers could imagine moving right in and scheduling additional upgrades without urgency.

            Our resurfacing plan restored home to its highest and best use, with minimal cost and maximum return.

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