80 Corte Precita, Greenbrae

80 Corte Precita, Greenbrae

Site Conditions

  • Large family home-turned-rental was dated, dark, and dingy
  • Current tenants had a long time remaining on their lease
  • Senior sellers skeptical and focused on ROI analysis, but with limited funds for resurfacing

Results of Our Work

  • 5 offers, winning bid was contingent free
  • Sold $2.33M ($331,000 over asking price)
  • 400% ROI on $40,750 resurfacing budget, done in 12 business days

Sometimes You Have to See for Yourself

The sellers had known Craig for years. Even so, they were uncomfortable hiring and trusting the professionals he recommended, and they insisted on being part of every decision and inspection. They also resisted advice at every turn.

The couple suggested hiring their friend who moonlights as a stager, so Craig checked out her website. Her furniture was dark, the pictures amateurish, and the couple finally accepted she was not the one.

Because the sellers were used to doing everything themselves, they deemed many of our solutions too expensive or inappropriate.

Then everything changed. Craig invited them to visit one of our neighborhood homes in the final resurfacing phase and they fell in love. Despite having seen a dozen videos explaining our process, it only clicked when they witnessed the transformation in person.

After that, convincing them to stick with one, not six different floor materials, was easier. They understood the value of our work and how a consistent design, including a single floor material throughout, elevated the home.

Master Bath (before)​​​​​​​ A small, unimpressive bath accompanied the main bedroom.

Master Bath (after)​​​​​​​ Combined two rooms into spa-like master bath, added view window above soaking tub. Muted tile, expansive counters, dual under-mount sinks, recessed lighting and glass shower.

Exterior (before) The street view was in fairly good shape and complemented by mature landscaping.

Exterior (after) We changed rusty, faded light fixtures, added a new street number placard, lightly washed the cedar shakes and power washed the brick to brighten up the first impression. 

Family Room (before) Our plan: paint the brick, replace hardwood floors and remove window coverings. Scale and symmetry were lost among visually distressing elements.

Family Room (after) A style compromise – wood beams and shelves contrasted against fresh creamy  walls. A small horizontal painting highlights the dramatic ceiling height.

Kitchen (before) Ooh whee, a relic of an earlier era.

Kitchen (after) Crisp white paint, stone countertops and a modern brushed nickel faucet change the whole kitchen. Consistent with the family room, the wooden ceiling beams remained.

Bathroom (before) Dark wallpaper, tiled countertops, damaged mirror, old-style light fixtures and a vinyl floor were all on the update list.

Bathroom (after) Wood flooring carried throughout, including under the toilets, for a sleek and clean, designed look. Our challenge was a budget of $3,000 yet an appearance of upgrades in the $10,000 range.

Master Bedroom (before) Why remove the built-in master bedroom furniture? “We love it so much. Won’t buyers love it?”

Master Bedroom (after) Look how much space we revealed by removing the built-in headboard and cabinets. As the project progressed, the sellers grew more confident and agreed to let go of the steering wheel a bit.

Bathroom (before) Three bathrooms in all, each one with similarly aged surfaces.

Bathroom (after) See the importance of choosing one flooring to install throughout? Even in walk-in closets, under toilets—consistency pulls everything together and creates a higher-end look.

Eat-In Kitchen (before) This corner of the kitchen was stale and stuffy. Just as food is energy, the kitchen should be energizing.

Eat-In Kitchen (after) Brightened and taking full advantage of the view. And although hesitant, the sellers finally understood the parquet flooring, did not offer any value in their home.

Pool (before) Federal law requires a fence around the pool and with its previous use as a rental, the wire fence endured.

Pool (after) We could remove the unsightly fencing because the entire property was gated. We trimmed trees to create more entertainment space and a much better view of Mount Tamalpais.

Restored Hot Tub Highlights the Good Life

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